Municipal Acquisitions Grants Children’s National Hospital $100,000 to Continue Neuroblastoma Research

Posted on March 20, 2024 by Jon Kling

Municipal Acquisitions is proud to announce a grant of $100,000 to Children’s National Hospital to kick off a research project focused on the development of a cure for neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer.

Every year, there are about 500 new cases of neuroblastoma in the U.S. The cancer begins to develop in immature nerve cells and is usually found within the abdomen, chest, or on the spine. While the survival rate for early-stage neuroblastoma exceeds 90%, the stark reality is that up to half of patients face significant risks, particularly those with late-stage disease, where the survival rate plummets to only 40%. Unfortunately, patients with refractory or relapsed disease have progression free survival of less than 10% at four years.

Recognizing the urgency for novel therapies, Children’s National seizes the opportunity to revolutionize treatment methodologies for these young patients.  Under the leadership of  Anthony Sandler, M.D., senior vice president of the Joseph E. Robert, Jr., Center for Surgical Care and surgeon-in-chief of Children’s National, the hospital has emerged as a front-runner in neuroblastoma research. Pre-clinical studies on neuroblastoma immunotherapies have propelled our understanding of the tumor micro-environment and the mechanisms of immunogenicity. Dr. Sandler’s team has made significant strides in training patient T-cells to target and destroy tumors, laying the foundation for translational research. Their work shows promise in developing an autologous T-cell therapy for neuroblastoma. This grant will allow the team to further dive into their studies that will provide crucial guidance for developing a clinical phase 1 trial in patients diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

For Jon Kling, the Founder and CEO of Municipal Acquisitions, also serves on the Corporate Advisory Council for Childrens National, this research is very personal.   

“My son, Spencer, was diagnosed in utero with neuroblastoma more than 18 years ago and, through early detection and the treatment provided at Children’s National, he is now heading to college in the fall.  The goal for this exciting research project is no less ambitious than to cure neuroblastoma for the families struggling through difficult treatment protocols and waiting for a cure.”

Municipal Acquisitions will continue to support Children’s National as this research progresses. These breakthrough findings have the potential to transform the standard of care not only for neuroblastoma, but also for other pediatric cancers.