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Our Approach

Our partner organizations are generally higher education, municipal governments, or hospital systems that seek to establish a path to ownership for their properties and make improvements without increasing their real-estate expenses in the process.

We take a tailored approach to each project, developing specialized solutions to complex regulatory, statutory, financial accounting, and rating agency challenges and structuring our transactions to create value for our partners. For the right properties, we can create significant financial benefit to our partners, create a path to ownership for their real estate, and achieve all of that by creatively deploying our own capital resources.

We understand how to develop creative financial solutions for hospital real estate projects that take advantage of all the financial opportunities available.
We help schools and universities navigate the complexities of the industry to find real estate solutions that benefit them and their mission.
State and Local
We understand the intricacies and the limitations of municipality partners and strive to be a reliable and trustworthy partner that creates value for all involved.


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